„Moskau Moskau“

„Moscow“ „Moskva“ „Moscú“

(The Ralph Siegel football song for the 2018 World Cup)

Dschinghis Khan
Jay Khan, Alexander Malinin & Ustinya, Jorge Jiménez & Marifer Medrano

The media hype has shown that great events are often foreshadowed. The Jupiter Records project “Moskau Moskau” sounds like a simple recipe for success:
Take the worldwide hit “Moskau”, write a new text about football for the World Cup in Moscow, rearrange the song with a legendary music producer, take a world-famous Russian music superstar, a German popstar, an internationally renowned Mexican tenor, the pop group Dschinghis Khan, mix it all well, add a music distribution together with a large number of music managers and promoters. Present the finished product to the worldwide media and every lover of music and Dschinghis Khan fan can delight in the fact that this great song will live on for at least another 40 years.

But it’s not that simple. There is strength in easiness, to create great things, said a great Chinese philosopher thousands of years ago, and now Ralph Siegel this year wrote „Moskau Moskau“

… „Moscow, Moscow, dreams are breaking everyone, we’ll go on and win it all, ho ho ho ho ho. Moscow, Moscow, you’re the final destiny, what will come and what will be, ha ha ha ha ha. Moscow, Moscow, hey we’re gonna win the cup, and we’re going to the top, ha ha ha ha ha. Moscow, Moscow, hey come on and take my hand, you’re the winner in the end, ha ha ha ha ha, hey …

Moskau Moskau, Dschinghis Khan

in four languages, German, Russian, Spanish and of course English, a football hymn for the whole world for the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

After weeks of work in the studio by Ralph Siegel and an experienced studio team, the feel-good work “Moskau Moskau” was produced, mixed, and the artwork was created, and now the World Cup can begin – the stadiums of the world have a new hymn!

What could be better? We hope that with our song “Moskau Moskau” we can contribute to supporting not only our national football team, but also the sense of fair play, and all teams at the World Cup. Combined with the hope for more than “A Little Peace” for the world in which we live.

The participants and artists in the individual versions of “Moskau 2018” sound like a top-class team selection for the World Cup:

Ralph Siegel’s pop group Dschinghis Khan comes from the football nation and 4-time World Cup winner (1954/74/90 and 2014) Germany, who could, if they win it again, draw level with 5-time World Cup winners Brazil.

Dschinghis Khan

won every important music prize, gained gold and platinum in 20 countries and sold no fewer than 20 million records. They appeared as guests on 240 TV shows and smiled from the covers of countless magazines. From a worldwide perspective, Dschinghis Khan are one of the most successful groups ever to emerge from Germany.
For the German and English versions of “Moskau Moskau” we were able to win the services of none other than the popstar

Jay Khan

Lead singer of the prize-wining boy band US 5, he has won numerous music prizes and has celebrated success not only in Germany, but also beyond its borders, even in the USA. Today Jay Khan is a welcome guest in German TV shows, having turned successfully to the German “Schlager” genre.

From the host country of the World Cup, Russia, we managed to engage the world-famous singer

Alexander Malinin and his enchanting daughter Ustinya

a Russian pop princess, for the big project. Alexander Malinin belongs to the “who’s who” of the Russian music scene, appears every year as a guest in the most important TV shows in the country, and plays countless concerts in sold-out arenas all over the world with his excellent band, so that it is hard to imagine it is possible to fit so many dates in a year. In 1994 Malinin won the “World Music Awards” in Monte Carlo/Monaco as the Russian singer with the highest sales figures in his home country. Three years later he won an award for the most successful folk singer in Russia. Alexander Malinin and Ustinya are like kozachok, every Russian knows them. It is said in Russia that Alexander is the most successful hit parade star ever… more than 100 million records sold speak for themselves.

From the feel-good land Mexico, and secret favourite for the World Cup title comes

Jorge Jiménez & Marifer Medrano

It’s crazy, God must have been in an exuberant mood when he granted Jorge his voice and his sunny disposition. He is loved and celebrated, not only in his own country. For years he has toured with his colleague and now manager – the musicals superstar Anna-Maria Kaufmann!

And now the sensation is perfect: Ralph Siegel rides together with the group Dschinghis Khan, Jay Khan, Alexander Malinin and Ustinya, Jiménez and Marifer Medrano, in order to conquer the world once again with “Moskau 2018”. The whole horde is proud to be part of such a very special story. We invite the whole world to make history with us!

Dschinghis Khan Management & M&M Projektmanagement Heinz Gross