… the cult lives on and on!

There were already reports of the encounter with Siegel – Gross – Dschinghis Khan in the largest boulevard publications throughout the country in March 2018.

“We are proud to conquer the world again with Ralph Siegel.” Mastermind Heinz Gross concluded an exclusive long-term contract with the Dschinghis Khan grand master, legend, and producer and composer of all Dschinghis Khan hits!

The music legend Ralph Siegel invited all to H’ugo’s Tresor Bar Lounge, Munich’s new “in” location, and everyone from the industry came, to enjoy truffle pizza, Aperol Spritz and glamour, while the history and future of Dschinghis Khan was presented by Ralph Siegel.

At the beginning of the party, Ralph Siegel announced, during the welcome of the illustrious guests, “the band can’t come, manager Heinz Gross mixed up the date, they are playing live in Moscow, we shall transmit live from Moscow later.”

But then the Mongolian warriors came after all, and how: with 2,500 PS the three ladies Henriette Strobel and Edina Pop with Eltuya Khan, the “Battleaxe” on a 59 Cadillac de Ville, accompanied by a 25-member motorbike gang, led by the new Ralph Siegel Khäne Prince Igei Khan with Ögödei and Yassa on three Drike Jobber. The show warriors, with their convoy, set off an earthquake on Promenade Square in Munich when they arrived at Hugos. After a while, Dschinghis Khan took the stage and made Hugos dance with the legendary Dschinghis Khan Review!

The new song “Moskau” was presented as a football song, in parts with a new text to suit the upcoming World Cup in Russia.

Example: “Moscow, Moscow, dreams are breaking everyone, we’ll go on and win it all, ho ho ho ho ho. Moscow, Moscow, you’re the final destiny, what will come and what will be, ha ha ha ha ha.”

“Moscow, Moscow, hey we’re gonna win the cup, and we’re going to the top, ha ha ha ha ha. Moscow, Moscow, hey come on and take my hand, you’re the winner in the end, ha ha ha ha ha, hey…”

super singalong song with the great advantage that practically everyone over the age of 40, who grew up with the song, knows the melody completely, not to mention the young people who know the song thanks to après-ski and other fun parties.

In 2005, on the initiative of Heinz Gross, the group was reunited in the Olympiski Arena in Moscow, before 40,000 ticket-holders. And they have been together ever since, the group Dschinghis Khan with Edna Pop and Henriette Strobel, original members of the group, have toured not only in Europe, also in Asia, as far as Japan and Australia, but also in the USA, with support for more than 7 years from the new, talented band members Price Igei Khan, Ögödei, Eltuya and Yassa Khan.

Those who didn’t want to miss the release party included Schlager star Roberto Blanco, producer Jack White, the former TV doctor Antje-Katrin Kühnemann, presenter Alexandra Polzin, who came with her husband and sports presenter Gerhard LeinauerSimone Ballack, Artdeco Kosmetik boss Helmut Baurecht with his wife Irina (invited by Aleksandr Malinin), singer Linda Jo Rizzo, singer Joan Orleans and media manager Helmut Markwort with his wife Patricia Riekel. Last but not least, Dschinghis Khan lawyer, Dr. Oliver Kautz.


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