The legendary show “Dschinghis Khan Review” 2018

The convincing optical implementation and a sophisticated choreography for the songs were always a fixed part of the appearances and shaped the image of Dschinghis Khan. And it is no different today! The “Young Khans”, who support the founding members on stage with their singing and dancing, come from renowned schools for talented musicians. These world-class dancers and singers transform the stage acrobatically into a feared Mongolian camp. The group appointed Claus Kupreit as choreograph; his stage name is Prince Igei Khan, an exceptionally talented young dancer, who develops the choreographic programme of the group.

All members of the former back-up group “The Legacy Of Dschinghis Khan”: Prince Igei, Eltuya, Ögödei, Yassa, the Khan family, all of whom have been part of the same line-up for the last 6 to 12 years, tour around the world with Dschinghis Khan, appearing in concerts and TV shows.

The figures in the group provide a brief insight into the dramaturgy of the show Dschinghis Khan Review. First of all there’s Eltuya Khan – the battleaxe. She is a wild warrior and the daughter of Khan. He wanted a son, but got a daughter. She rides a black stallion, these days on a Harley Davidson, with a golden Mongolian battleaxe. Then there is Prince Ögödei Khan, a son of Khan. He is a brilliant dancer and whirls like a dervish across the stage. Prince Igei Khan is also a son of Khan. He is a pretty Mongolian dandy and more popstar than warrior. Women love him… Yassa Khan is wild and combatant. He is a wild warrior, and no head is safe from his sword. The two legendary Khan members Henriette and Edina were there from the very outset, and now allow themselves to be carried on stage in a sedan by 6 warriors each, which is only right and proper!

The fire is not extinguished, on the contrary, we are just starting a new life and have the firm intention “Once more …”